Ross Tuck & Matthias Noback

PHP Architecture Tour

An advanced workshop series for improving your applications

European training tour 2015

Ross Tuck
Matthias Noback

Day 1: Tactical DDD & Doctrine

You’ve looked at Doctrine. Maybe even shipped a few applications with it. But you don’t want to just work with it, you want to thrive with it. In this workshop, we’re going to move from creating CRUD models to crafting model layers. We’ll discuss breaking down your business into a domain model and learn how to capture it in code.

Our emphasis will be practical, pragmatic techniques for bringing the business knowledge into the code using tools you already know. The result will be more maintainable, easier to test and simpler to understand. Even better, it’ll actually do what your clients wanted.

Along the way, we’ll dive into Doctrine ORM, how it can help us, how it can hinder us, and the features you never knew it had.

Day 2: Hexagonal Symfony

You already know how to leverage the Symfony framework to rapidly develop an application. However, when it becomes bigger and more complex, you need to make it more durable. You may have heard about DDD and hexagonal architecture before, but you are left wondering: how can I apply these cool ideas to my everyday Symfony projects?

During the Hexagonal Architecture training you'll learn to think in terms of boundaries and cores. You'll learn to apply hexagonal architecture and DDD principles and patterns to your code, which will become simpler and better testable. It'll be much easier to add another interface to your application, like a public API or a command-line interface. And you'll be able to decouple the core of your application from the data storage and any asynchronous aspect of your system, like a message queue.

Tactical DDD & Doctrine

Covers the database, domain models and service layer integration

  • Aggregates
  • Value objects
  • Domain events
  • Transactional boundaries

Hexagonal Symfony

Covers application design at a high level, all the way down to the model

  • Commands and events
  • Web UI and CLI
  • Persistence
  • Messaging

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Separate workshop days: € 479,-

Two day workshop: € 958,- € 878,-

Early bird prices are available using special discount codes. Just keep an eye on @matthiasnoback and @rosstuck on Twitter.

Private training is available upon request, email us to find out more.


Each month in a different city in Europe

City Date Registration
Zürich (Switzerland)
Liip AG
Mon 20 April - Tue 21 April 2015
Antwerp (Belgium)
Hotel Ter Elst
Mon 8 June - Tue 9 June 2015
Hosted by Nucleus Hosting Solution Builders
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Keienbergweg 100
Mon 7 September - Tue 8 September 2015
Hosted by True Managed Hosting
Paris (France)
48 Boulevard des Batignolles
Thu 19 November - Fri 20 November 2015
Hosted by Theodo
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Terms and conditions

  • The minimum number of attendees is 6.
  • Payment for your ticket is upfront.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, but they can be deferred to someone else.
  • You need to bring a laptop with a running installation of the demo projects for both projects and a proper PHP editor (we recommend PhpStorm). You'll receive more details by mail.


  • All tickets for a workshop have been sold already, what should I do? - This is both good and bad news ;) Anyway, please send us an email if you want to be put on the waiting list. Maybe someone cancels and wants to sell their ticket to you...
  • Will you also do these workshops in...? - If you have suggestions for other locations, just send us an email! For now we only do these workshops in Europe.
  • Are the workshops useful if I have no experience with Symfony/Doctrine? - You will learn many things about architecture, but there will also be a lot of hands-on programming using a standard Symfony application. Of course, you may also pair up with another participant.
  • Do you do other workshops? - Yes, we do! Private or custom workshops are available from Ross Tuck or Matthias Noback.

About Ross Tuck

Ross Tuck has worked in software development for 15 years, throughout a variety of industries. His favorite thing is solving problems for people, occasionally by writing software. He's also a conference speaker, blogger and the author of the upcoming book Discovering Doctrine with DDD.

About Matthias Noback

Matthias Noback started his professional career 12 years ago as a freelance web developer. After working as a PHP developer for various companies, he decided to try something else; though programming will always be his passion, he is now also teaching, writing and consulting. He is the author of A Year With Symfony and Principles of PHP Package Design and regularly posts on his blog PHP & Symfony.